Homemade apple pie!

Homemade apple pie is scrumptious!! Although you need an hour and a half to make it, because it’s not expensive or difficult, it is worth doing. I had some apples in the fruit bowl that needing using before they got sad, so that’s my excuse for dessert mid-week!! No excuse needed really, this dish takes most people “home”! xo


Pastry Ingredients

180g butter

2 eggs

½ cup self-raising flour

1 1/2cups plain flour

2 tbs raw sugar and an extra egg for the top

Filling Ingredients

7 green apples, diced medium

2 pears, diced

A lemon

2 tbs butter

½ cup brown sugar

A sprinkle of ground cloves and cinnamon


Rub butter and flours together until crumbly, like when making scones. Add the egg and stir with a steel knife, add a little milk if not wet enough. Once the dough is formed roll into a ball and place in the fridge. Put the diced apple and pear into a saucepan and squeeze the lemon juice in. Add the sugar, butter and sprinkle some ground cloves and cinnamon. Stir on a low heat for about ten minutes. The pear mushes up but the apple stays in pieces.

Get the pastry ball out of the fridge and divide in 2, one bit a little bigger than the other. Roll out to about 5mm thick. Olive oil spray or line your pie dish, then place one of the rolled pastry sheets in and cut to size. Place the filling in and then either cut strips of pastry to cover or do a full cover, like the bottom for the top. If you do a full cover flute it a little or make a little hole in the middle. Beat the spare egg and then brush onto the top.

Sprinkle with raw sugar, then bake at 180 degrees celcius for about 50 minutes. Serve on it’s own, and this homely dish does do well holding her own! Or serve with ice-cream, dollop cream, custard or fresh berries. Enjoy!!!

Homemade apple pie!



Welcome! Welcome! Come on in! I’ll put the kettle on whilst you get comfy! We need some down time, it can be a crazy life! Between the kids, hubby, a university degree and a little acreage here in Queensland life is full of blessings and blunder! I hope you enjoy the comfort food and our walks through the garden! Please, make yourself at home! xo

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