Western theme party!

Every month our parish has a little cuppa after mass. This Father’s Day we did a western themed sausage sizzle! It was so easy – parents and carers – if you are looking for a no baking, no fuss party – do this!! In a nutshell;

Sheriff badges are corn chips!


Cigars are chocolate wafers!


Bullets are chocolate coated bullets!


Haybales are cornflake LCM bars!


Gold is honeycomb!


Wagon wheels are anzac biscuits!


And we can’t forget the bbq!

I went to a dollar shop and bought stick on moustaches for the kids! Combined that with old cowboy hats we already had and the kids had some great fun taking pics with their dads! Empty beer cans and a tennis ball became a game of ‘knock ‘em down’ and the kids had a load of fun pretending all things western! It was a really fun afternoon and everyone there really enjoyed themselves! Joy radiated from every heart! So for a no fuss, easy going, crackin’ time, I recommend a western theme! Yee hah! Have a ball!

Western theme party!

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