George Street Markets!

There are a few places in the world that make you feel like you could be anywhere but where you actually are. The George Street Markets, Brisbane is one of those. Gliding through rows of fresh fruit and vegetables we could be in a small town market in Italy. Eating the buttery almond croissants we could be in France. Devouring a kransky with real sauerkraut we could be in Germany. The smells of paella, smoked salmon, fresh juices and brewed kefir fill the air! The markets are held on a Wednesday next to the casino in George Street, Brisbane. If you ever get the chance, immerse yourself into the rows of magic that transport you around the globe!

Fresh fruit stalls are numerous!!

Flowers make everyone happy!

 Paella…oh paella!!

 Bees are our friends!!

 Hot smoked salmon….ah!

 Lamingtons the size of my head, and yes, I bought one!! It had an internal chocolate wall to keep it up!!

 The true treasure of life, apple pie!!

So if you are ever in Australia, Brisbane, on a Wednesday, check out these fabulous markets!!

George Street Markets!

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