Mini Christmas puddings!

Christmas cooking that the kids can do all by themselves always creates great moments in our home! I play old Christmas CDs in the background, plonk ingredients on the bench and instruct an eldest what to do. Then I sit back with a wine and look on with excitement watching the kids accomplish something together. This is a great recipe, simple and easy enough that a couple of kids can make it happen! I hope your kids have fun with this and you enjoy the fruits of their labour!!


250 g block milk chocolate

1 tbs butter

500 g Christmas pudding

50 g white chocolate

20 cranberries or glace cherries, chopped up a bit


Melt the milk chocolate and butter. Crumble the pudding into the melted mixture. Roll tablespoon size portions into balls, setting aside on bake paper. Place the balls into a fridge. Once done and everyone has finally got permission to lick their fingers and go wash up, melt the white chocolate. After ten minutes the chocolate will be a consistency that is easy to spread but not running away, it is now that you dollop small blobs of white choc on the tops of the little puds. Garnish with a little bit of red, here I’ve used dried cranberries, but some years I use glace cherries. Back in the fridge for at least half an hour just to set things off. This is fun because the kids can pretty much do everything and you can sit back with a vino!! I hope you enjoy these sweet little morsels!!


Mini Christmas puddings!

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