Cabbage soup

There were just a few ingredients in my fridge the other night, and so this soup really was the only option for dinner! Turns out, my family enjoyed it and I think our bodies were grateful for a nice clean broth.


½ head of cabbage, chopped

1 onion, diced

1 sweet potato, diced

2 L chicken stock

Any herbs you like (I used a few sprigs of thyme, oregano and parsley)

Salt and pepper to your liking



Place everything in a large pot and bring to the boil. Take the heat down and simmer for 20 minutes. Blend with a blending stick or transfer to blender for smoothing. Once there are no lumps you are ready. This soup is fantastic and your body will thank you for it! Serve immediately and enjoy!



Cabbage soup

Almond praline!

I made this for on top of my son’s birthday cake as decoration, but we also love it broken into bits, or as an extra texture to a slice (like have the biscuit base, then this, then the caramel – unbelievable)! Too easy and so naughty!

Jan 2016 012


1 cup sliced almonds

1 cup caster sugar



Toast the sliced almonds until a little browned, about 15 minutes in 180 degree Celcius oven. Place them together on a lined baking tray. Place the sugar in a small saucepan and put on medium heat. Once the sugar starts to go brown, roll the saucepan a little to ‘stir’ without actually stirring. When all the sugar is dissolved, quickly pour onto the almonds. Pick up the baking tray and tip from one side to the other, trying to coat all the almond slices in the browned gorgeousness! Set aside to cool for an hour or so. Then if you want it fractured, just break with hands. If you want to have it as a smashed topping, place fractured pieces in a sandwich bag and smash with your rolling pin! Have fun!! I hope you like this really simple way to decorate, or just make a treat!

caramel cake

Almond praline!

Caramel mud cake fit for a king!

 My son requested this for his 13th birthday! This cake is pretty simple, easy to dress up fancy, tastes amazing and has a beautiful crumb! The bake time is almost two hours, but it is worth it for the texture and deepness of the cake. I hope you enjoy it  as much as our family!

caramel cake


250g butter

180g white chocolate

2 tsp vanilla extract

2 cups brown sugar

375ml water

2 cups plain flour

2/3 cup self-raising flour

3 eggs


Frosting ingredients

125 g butter

1 cup brown sugar

80ml milk

1 ½ cups icing powder



Pre-heat your oven to 150 degrees Celcius. Melt the butter and chocolate in a saucepan on the stove on low heat. Add the sugar and remove from heat. Once the sugar is dissolved, add the water and stir until combined. Set aside to cool for 15 minutes. Come back to the kitchen! Add the vanilla, flours and eggs. Stir really well until combined. I do not use an electric mixer for mud cakes or pound cakes because I like a crumbly texture rather than a silky texture. Once you’re happy with your batter, pour into a lined cake tin and bake at 150 degrees Celcius for around 1 hour and 50 minutes. Do not open the oven in this time. If you get to the time and you think it looks like it needs a little more, leave it in for a further 5 to 10 minutes. Take out and set aside to cool in the cake tin.


For the frosting

Melt the butter and sugar together in a saucepan and then stir in the milk. Once it starts to bubble, remove from the heat and add the icing powder. Stir until no lumps are present. Leave to cool down a bit. I spread the frosting thinly on the cooled down cake, and then go back 10 minutes later for a second coat, pouring the frosting on the top and letting it ooze down the sides, sometimes with a little coaxing by my spatula! This cake was for my son’s 13th birthday, so I popped some macaroons on the top, and then sprinkled with some smashed almond praline. This cake is a show stopper and everyone loves it, especially my amazing son!! xo

Caramel mud cake fit for a king!

Pickled pork with sweet rice and dukkha yoghurt!

So easy. So delicious. And it feeds 8!

This has become a staple in our home. Maybe it will in yours!


A pickled tied up piece of pork

2 tbs vegetable stock

A splash of apple cider vinegar

1 tbs brown sugar


Sweet rice ingredients

3 cups cooked rice

1 red onion, fried in a light olive oil for 5 minutes.

A handful of semi-dried apricots, chopped

A handful of sultanas

A handful of nuts, here I’ve used pecans

A handful of chopped coriander

1 tbs imitation saffron or a few threads of the real deal

For the side dip

1 cup Greek yoghurt

2 tbs dukkha


For the side dip, just bang the two together and stir. Leave in the fridge until you are ready to serve.

For the rice, just after it’s cooked add the saffron and mix until yellow in colour. Add all other ingredients and combine everything well.

For the pork, I put a little water in the slow cooker, then lower the pork in, then add water and a few tablespoons of vegetable stock. Add the vinegar and brown sugar, then fill with water until the pork is almost fully covered. Slow cook for 5.5 hours. Raise from the stock mix and remove the fat top. Immediately start pulling apart the pork, then serve with the rice and dip. This meat will pull apart with a fork! It is delicious! The stock leftover in the slow cooker can be frozen and used in the future, so don’t waste it! I used it the next day for a soup. It added an edge to our swede, potato and carrot soup!

Pickled pork with sweet rice and dukkha yoghurt!

Scone nation!

Not many foods that aren’t fruits can pass as breakfast and afternoon tea! But the humble scone does, and so with new found appreciation, I made breakfast scones, and saved some for tea time!!


60 g butter

3 cups wholemeal self-raising flour

2 tbs brown sugar

1 ½ cups buttermilk

Raw sugar to sprinkle on top


Rub the butter, cold, into the flour until it looks like crumbs. Add the brown sugar and buttermilk, stirring with a flat knife. Once combined, knead a little, add a little more flour if you think it needs it, and then work into a ball. Flatten out to about 4cm tall and then either use a scone cutter to press out your scones, or use your hands and freehand it. Place the scones in a baking tin close to each other so they are all touching. Sprinkle with raw sugar and bake in a hot oven around 200 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes or until brown. As a variation sometimes I add fresh blueberries after kneading. They make for some oozy goodness!


Scone nation!

Protein ball slice

Do you ever buy those bags of protein ball mix? I purchase them from people having a crack at the markets. But I prefer slice, so I follow the directions adding 50ml coconut oil or what have you, then press it firmly into a slice tin. Then, I accidentally melt about 100g of dark chocolate and I accidentally lattice the slice with the oozing goodness…. So the whole thing becomes intentionally delicious!! Have a go next time you’ve bought a bag of protein stuff! You won’t regret it!

Protein ball slice

Heineken and honey lamb shanks!

My hubby loves his Heineken, and I love my honey, so I just had to attempt to put them together! This recipe uses a slow cooker, but if I was home I would pop it in a deep oven dish covering the shanks with the broth and oven it on 150 degrees Celsius for around 5 hours.


5 lamb shanks

10 garlic cloves

4 carrots

1 bottle of Heineken or a premium beer

500 ml vegetable stock

3 tbs all spice

A pinch of sea salt

¼ cup local honey

5 sprigs of oregano


Place everything in your slow cooker and set for 5 hours. All the flavours combine and it is lovely! It is runny, this is not to make a gravy situation, but if you wanted to, you could take the main bits out and use the broth as a base for a gravy or sauce. A simple and delicious meal for the fam!

Heineken and honey lamb shanks!