Almond praline!

I made this for on top of my son’s birthday cake as decoration, but we also love it broken into bits, or as an extra texture to a slice (like have the biscuit base, then this, then the caramel – unbelievable)! Too easy and so naughty!

Jan 2016 012


1 cup sliced almonds

1 cup caster sugar



Toast the sliced almonds until a little browned, about 15 minutes in 180 degree Celcius oven. Place them together on a lined baking tray. Place the sugar in a small saucepan and put on medium heat. Once the sugar starts to go brown, roll the saucepan a little to ‘stir’ without actually stirring. When all the sugar is dissolved, quickly pour onto the almonds. Pick up the baking tray and tip from one side to the other, trying to coat all the almond slices in the browned gorgeousness! Set aside to cool for an hour or so. Then if you want it fractured, just break with hands. If you want to have it as a smashed topping, place fractured pieces in a sandwich bag and smash with your rolling pin! Have fun!! I hope you like this really simple way to decorate, or just make a treat!

caramel cake

Almond praline!

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