Turkish rice!

This is my Aussie version of a Turkish rice! I either serve as is, or bake it and serve as baked rice. Both ways are lovely as the rice is a little sweet, and it is just something a little different!



4 cups water

2 cups white long grain rice

¼ cup risoni

3 tbs rice malt syrup



Boil the water, then add the rice and risoni pasta and cover, on low heat. Stir occasionally as it simmers and the rice and pasta suck up the water. Once the rice and pasta are cooked, stir through the syrup. Leave standing for ten minutes prior to serving. This is also nice if after cooked, you put the mix in an oven dish and bake it for 15 minutes on 180 degrees Celcius. Have a go and see what you think!

Turkish rice!

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