Slow cooker purple lamb

In this dish the lamb goes a deep burgundy colour due to the fact that it is surrounded by purple carrots! The liquid that is produced during the slow cooking can be used to make the most exquisite, rich gravy you’ll ever partake of! This dish is fabulous for weeknights as it’s a slow cooker affair, but can be adapted for a dinner party too!


1kg rolled lamb

2 cups vegetable stock

5 garlic cloves

Rosemary sprigs

Oregano sprigs

Salt and pepper to sprinkle

6 purple carrots


Place everything in your slow cooker and slow cook for 5 ½ hours. Ta da! That’s it! ‘Pull’ the lamb apart, and serve the carrots too! I do use the leftover liquid, about a cup and a half, to make a gravy – and it is the richest, darkest most mouth-watering gravy I’ve ever tasted! On this particular night I served the lamb with steamed broccolini, which is such a compatible companion for the carrots and lamb!


Slow cooker purple lamb

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