Vibrant chicken / Morquezafarani

This is my version of the Persian dish morqezafarani, which is not true to the traditional ingredients. It is lovely and aromatic, vibrant in colour and can be served with Mediterranean vegetables, Persian rice, tadig, or as a plate on a smorgasbord of Persian loveliness! Sometimes simple is best, but that doesn’t have to mean its plain!


1.5 Kg chicken breast cubed into large pieces

1 ½ tsp ground saffron or about 10 strands

½ tsp ground cinnamon

1 tsp ground turmeric

2 lemons cut in half – but if you don’t usually like lemon just use one.

2 red onions


Splash olive oil

Fresh coriander sprigs



Splash the olive oil in the bottom of your slow cooker or deep oven proof dish. Add the chicken, onions, spices then top with water until almost covered. Slow cook in the cooker or oven for around 4 hours, turning once or twice in that time. Once the dish is ready for serving, stir it up and add some freshly picked coriander. Serve with whatever your heart desires. I served it with hard boiled eggs, steamed Persian rice, biryani, pan fried Mediterranean vegetables and some olives and artichokes.

Vibrant chicken / Morquezafarani

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