Beautiful banana bread

This is fabulous fresh and smashing toasted! It can be made ahead of schedule and frozen in inch thick slices. I send it in the kid’s lunch boxes, to work with my hubby and even serve it for breakfast on those beautiful autumn days where you just wake up wanting melted butter to ooze down something scrumptious!


125 g butter

1 cup brown sugar

2 eggs

Pinch of bi-carb soda

Sprinkle of cinnamon sugar

Sprinkle of nutmeg, less than half the sprinkle size of the cinnamon!

2 mashed overripe bananas

2 cups plain flour


Beat the butter and sugar together, then add the eggs one at a time. Add the mashed banana and spices and stir, then add the flour and bi-carb. Once combined really well, spoon into a lined log tray and bake at 180 degrees Celsius for approximately 50-60 minutes. The smell of your home will draw everyone in, and you’ll all be bananas together!

Beautiful banana bread

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