Easy caramel sauce

My family love caramel sauce! We use it on waffles on Bathurst morning, on ice-cream with caramel popcorn on movie night, as a side to scrumptious cakes… the list goes on! Making your own caramel sauce is pretty easy, and way less costly compared to buying it. This recipe makes about a cup, which is all we can handle at once! Have a go, you’ll fall in love!

Served with vanilla ice-cream and caramel popcorn! Feb 2017 166


6 tbs butter

1 cup caster sugar

½ cup cream


Served with waffles and bananas!Feb 2017 153


Put the butter in a saucepan and melt on medium heat. Add the caster sugar and swirl the pan a little until al coated. Now leave it! Don’t touch it! After about 3 minutes, give the saucepan a swirl, whilst twirling your hips too (it makes for good effect)! Leave it on the stove again. You will see the colour starting to darken and the sauce take shape. Once the colour has darkened and is bubbling a little, take off the heat and add your cream, stirring with a metal spoon. Vigorously stir the cream, no hip actions required, until combined and pale brown in colour. You can serve the sauce hot, or alternatively for a thicker sauce, cool it down and then place in the fridge for a few hours or overnight. This makes quite a thicker sauce. Please use this delicious sauce as you wish!

Straight outta the saucepan!

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Easy caramel sauce

Anzac biscuits

On Anzac Day here in Australia we celebrate the lives of those who bravely fought, and we remember those who did not return, as we stand in solidarity with those who are wounded physically and mentally, who did come home. My family enjoy Anzac biscuits all year round, but they are especially meaningful and even more scrumptious enjoyed at this time of year when we remember our family members and heroes. So here’s my Anzac recipe with a slight twist – but only slight, ‘cause you just don’t mess around with an Anzac!

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1 cup rolled oats

1 cup plain flour

1 cup Billington’s dark brown sugar

½ cup moist coconut flakes

½ cup butter

3 tbs golden syrup

1 tbs hot water

A pinch of bi-carb soda



Combine the rolled oats, flour, sugar, bi-carb and coconut in a mixing bowl. Combine the butter and syrup in a pan over low heat and stir until combined and butter is fully melted. Pour the wet mixture into the dry mix and stir with a spoon until well combined and sticky. Add the hot water and stir with vigour! Roll tablespoons of the mix into balls and flatten a little onto a lined baking tray. These little beauties spread out in the baking process, so keep some distance between them (about 5cm if you’re looking for a figure). Bake at around 160 degrees Celsius for about 20 minutes. See how dark the biscuits are? That is due to the Billington’s brand dark brown sugar –  it truly is the nicest brown sugar I’ve ever tasted and used. If you can, it is worth going for it! If eaten straight away they are soft and warm, if left to cool they are hard and crunchy. Either way, I love them. I hope you do too!

Anzac biscuits

Spiced chickpeas

This is a fantastic accompaniment to any Eastern dishes you are creating in that kitchen of yours! Once cooled, they can be stored, so they also make for a beautiful savoury afternoon snack! This spice paste is too easy to make. Your kitchen will be cast with aromas from afar and your taste buds will go on adventure! Happy travels!

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1 tbs olive oil

1 tsp turmeric

1 tsp mixed spice

2 tsp wholegrain mustard

1 tsp salt

Can of chickpeas, 440g



Mix all ingredients together. Throw a can of drained and washed chickpeas in and swoosh around to coat. Don’t forget to shake your hips when you swoosh! Grab your favourite saucepan, whack it on medium heat and add throw the mix in, making sure to pour every last bit of spice paste in! Fry the chickpeas for ten minutes or so, stirring occasionally. Your kitchen will smell like a Middle Eastern market, and the family will come out of the woodwork to ask “what’s for dinner”! Please note I use this spice paste on sliced chicken breast too. And it is just as delicious! I hope you like this one!

Spiced chickpeas

Nectarine and Haloumi salad

So whenever stone fruit is in season I think it is more than appropriate to use it every day! This means we eat them sliced on yoghurt or ice-cream for desert, whole in our lunches, and even in our salads at dinner! It is as simple as putting a pan on low heat, throwing in a teaspoon of caster sugar, a dash of water, and then the fruits halved. They really get an intense flavour with the heat, and just moving them around the pan a little allows them to absorb the sugar, making a beautiful coating.

Sometimes I like to fry a little haloumi and add it too. Here I have used nectarines. They were gorgeous!I like to go to this little extra effort with salads when I have vegetarian friends over, or just because! Who needs an excuse to eat beautiful nectarines?!

Give it a go, embrace stone fruit season!!


Nectarine and Haloumi salad