Easy caramel sauce

My family love caramel sauce! We use it on waffles on Bathurst morning, on ice-cream with caramel popcorn on movie night, as a side to scrumptious cakes… the list goes on! Making your own caramel sauce is pretty easy, and way less costly compared to buying it. This recipe makes about a cup, which is all we can handle at once! Have a go, you’ll fall in love!

Served with vanilla ice-cream and caramel popcorn! Feb 2017 166


6 tbs butter

1 cup caster sugar

½ cup cream


Served with waffles and bananas!Feb 2017 153


Put the butter in a saucepan and melt on medium heat. Add the caster sugar and swirl the pan a little until al coated. Now leave it! Don’t touch it! After about 3 minutes, give the saucepan a swirl, whilst twirling your hips too (it makes for good effect)! Leave it on the stove again. You will see the colour starting to darken and the sauce take shape. Once the colour has darkened and is bubbling a little, take off the heat and add your cream, stirring with a metal spoon. Vigorously stir the cream, no hip actions required, until combined and pale brown in colour. You can serve the sauce hot, or alternatively for a thicker sauce, cool it down and then place in the fridge for a few hours or overnight. This makes quite a thicker sauce. Please use this delicious sauce as you wish!

Straight outta the saucepan!

Feb 2017 149

Easy caramel sauce

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