Whiskey glaze

This is the best glaze I know. Because there are few ingredients, you must use the best for you! Buy the whiskey you like – I don’t like mine too peaty, I tend to stick with Irish whiskeys that are triple distilled – but choose what you and yours like. For the sugar, I use an unrefined dark brown muscovado, but you use whatever brown sugar you like. Of course I use my local honey, from an apiary not 5 km away from my home. Try not to drink the rest of the whiskey whilst your ham is baking! Good luck!


Dec Jan 2018 293



1 cup of whiskey

½ cup brown sugar

½ cup honey

What more could you want?!

Dec Jan 2018 282


Combine all ingredients together and stir on stove top. Place on medium heat and bring to the boil. This is a viscous glaze which gets thicker as it is on your meat. So glaze your ham every 20 to 30 minutes during cooking time by pouring on top. Your entire home will smell sensational and everyone will comment on how scrumptious that ham is!

Dec Jan 2018 283

Whiskey glaze

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