Vege patch update!

An update on the vege patch!


The garden is taking over the lawn! What a fabulous thing to see!

aug-and-mid-sept-2016-018 aug-and-mid-sept-2016-019

The carrots and beetroot are doing well!

aug-and-mid-sept-2016-022 The beans have been plentiful!!


The various herbs are delightful, add them to any dish for a beautiful and healthy vibe!

There is something quite lovely about eating your own home grown produce. You appreciate it more, and eat that bit slower, really tasting it! I hope you grow something, from a potted herb to an acre of pumpkins – grow something!!



Vege patch update!


Sometimes you just know that where you live is God’s country! The air is fresh. The water tastes good. And the fruit is scrumptious! I had a look at our fruit bowls today and immediately thought how Queensland it is; full of tropical fruits like banana, custard apple, limes, lemons, star fruits, dragon fruit and passionfruit! I hope you are somewhere in the world with beautiful fruits! Have a fabulous day!