Brussels bog

So we like Brussel sprouts! Confession time over! If you have a teenager or toddler who isn’t so into them, this will help them along because they are smothered in butter and bacon – winning!


500 g brussel sprouts

8 bacon rashers

60 g butter

Handful parsley

1 onion

Salt and pepper to your liking

Dash olive oil



Splash the olive oil into your pan and add the onion, saute. Now add the butter and the bacon and fry together. Whilst that’s going boil your sprouts for about 5 minutes on a rolling boil. Stir the bacon and onion mix and it will break up into little bits with the heat, don’t forget to season to your liking! Drain the sprouts and add it to the pan. Chop your parsley and add it in too. You should see everything take together, all the flavours mashing and having a party! Serve whilst still hot and enjoy!

Brussels bog